Pure and Hybrid Cloud: 

Cloud telecom tailored to companies and public bodies

Pure Cloud and Hybrid  cloud

Extend the functionalities of  IP-PBX to your mobile phone. 

How? By integrating them into your communication architecture with the Fuzer solution.

Your ease of use is always key, regardless of how complicated the underlying technology might be. Accordingly, you will experience our solutions for large businesses and government bodies as being surprisingly easy to use.

Pure Cloud moves your entire phone system to the cloud and opts for full mobility, user comfort and freedom. 

Hybrid Cloud hosts your entire phone system, not in our cloud, but in yours. That provides you with greater flexibility in terms of telephony operators.

Handy, budget-friendly and intelligent: that’s Fuzer.


This is how it works ...

By using Escaux Fix Mobile Unification (FMU) technology through our own mobile network, your sim card is registered as a normal sip phone on your IP-PBX system. You can use this sim card in any mobile handset, smartphone or GSM desk phone.

As a result, your mobile phone can do everything your IP or IP-DECT phone can:

  • Make outbound calls using your fix number.

  • Remain reachable on your fix number

  • Use short code extensions

  • Generalise restrictions for your users (for example: no international calls can be made)

  • See the presence status in the collaboration tool

  • Show calls in reports

  • Take part in different call groups

Your alternative to the DECT system

Fix Mobile Unification (FMU) is the alternative to your current DECT system. Why? Because you are no longer required to build and maintain your own DECT system! You can use any mobile device as a DECT handset across the whole GSM network, even no smartphone / application required. Check in the below video how our customer Decathlon benefits from this solution:.

On top of FMU, Decathlon employees also benefit from True Mobile Collaboration. Each employee can see in real-time on their smartphone in which department (Cycling, Fishing, Skiing,...) they are logged-in and who else is participating in the same department queue. They can easily consult their colleagues (in the same shop or in any other shop) to better serve the customer using the Fuzer Mobile UCaaS solution.

Other key values of the solution for Decathlon are high security compliance and easy deployment. Fuzer delivers the whole service to all the shops through a dedicated, virtualized and isolated cloud solution, and Decathlon only had to provide the phones to their employees.

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