Fuzer for self-employed: 

Your success lies in revolutionary telecoms

Pure Cloud Fix Mobile, the Unique solution for self employed people with ambition

With Fuzer, you can opt for ultimate telecoms mobility. With our one-stop-shop solution for self-employed people, you can be mobile and can stay contactable at all times. You will enjoy the benefit of having your mobile device fully integrated with your IP phone system.

What is included?

Fuzer maakt uw telecom:

  • your own cloud-based communication system

  • fixed phone numbers

  • sim cards

  • web-based communication tool, including a user-friendly softphone, chat, video conferencing and screen sharing

Why Pure Cloud Fix Mobile?

With Fuzer, you combine the maximum productivity of unified communications with the accessibility of mobile telephony.

  • Your mobile acts like a landline

  • No need for an additional app

  • Call out with your business number using your mobile phone

  • Only show your mobile number when you want to

  • Use the shortened number plan even for your mobile

  • Use your business voicemail through your mobile

  • No mobile data connection is necessary

Your benefits

  • Always reachable on your fix and mobile number

  • Convenient telework wherever you are

  • No app or mobile data connection required

  • Significant budget savings and increased productivity

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